Commercial Painting for Churches

Setting the Tone for Churches and Other Religious Institutions

Churches and religious institutions are meant to be a peaceful and sacred place. It takes a specially skilled hand to come in and paint these spaces, applying a delicate hand to detail and precision. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has spent decades providing painting services to commercial painting customers, government facilities, and religious institutions. We take care of exterior and interior painting projects, preparing and applying a fresh coat of color with a meticulous care that leaves lasting results.

The Difference is in the Prep Work

The durability and long lifespan of our work isn’t just in the paint. Although we do use high-quality, name brand paints for all of our projects, the real difference lies mostly in the care we take to prepare the designated surface.

We always start with a thorough pressure wash or cleaning. Vic’s Painting & Reconstructions professional team will fill in any gaps, cracks, caulking or stucco, and ensure that surface is stripped of any rust or debris. This process will vary depending upon what material the surface is made from.

Only when this process is completed will we begin painting.

We Promise Satisfaction

Southwest Florida residents trust Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction because we guarantee satisfying results. The job isn’t done until you’re happy, and we go to great lengths to make sure we meet your expectations. All of our painting is done by professionals who are both licensed and insured. We also make it a point to stick to our projected budget and deadlines, so you don’t encounter any stress-inducing surprises. It’s this dedication to quality and ethical service that brings our Lee County, Collier County, and surrounding Southwest Florida customers back to us any time they have painting needs.

Interested in working with Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide an estimate based on the scale of your project.