Commercial Painting for Schools and Government

Adding Color to Your School Spirit

Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has been delivering exceptional painting services to Southwest Florida schools for many years. We’re no stranger to private and public school projects. In fact, our meticulous prepping process, quality paint and tools, and attention to detail and craftsmanship allows us to deliver long-lasting, durable results.

We’ll help you bring vibrancy and school spirit to your campus with high-grade, name-brand paint and the right tools for a smooth application. From interior and exterior walls to lockers, doors, halls, and more, we can help bring back great color to your school’s environment.

A Good Paint Job Starts with Good Prep

One of the reasons Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction produces quality results is our dedication to executing proper pre-paint preparations. A clean surface makes a perfect canvas. The exterior of schools in Florida take quite a beating from natural elements. Between the harsh sun and salty air, school buildings in Southwest Florida have a greater need for touch-ups and maintenance than other regions.

By making sure a surface is clean and stripped, we give the paint that will be applied better adhesion. Whether it’s an exterior project or an interior one, Vic’s Painting does a thorough job of preparing your walls or other surfaces for paint application. Our process includes repairing cracks, drywall and stucco, caulking, patching, rust removal, and pressure washing.

Contact Us for a Professional Commercial Painting Service

Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has spent decades building a reputation as one of the best painting services in Collier, Lee, and Charlotte County. Our professional teams deliver exceptional results, efficient turnaround, and a clean work environment. Call us today to receive a quote. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and time frame!