Industrial Painting

Clean, Safe, and Aesthetic Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painting requires its own realm of experience. Unlike regular painting services, industrial painting requires a unique approach that considers both the work environment and the local climate to create quality, long-lasting results.

Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has the expertise and the know-how to deliver our Southwest Florida clients exceptional and durable painting and coating for plants, facilities, and warehouses. Among our specialties are:

Why Prep Work Matters in Industrial Painting and Coating

Industrial environments deal with a lot of chemicals and other materials that leave residue, rusting, and wear. That’s why preparing a surface prior to painting or coating is so important. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction is meticulous in its prep work. From pressure washing to abrasive blasting, we use specific solvents and tools to clean and prepare a surface prior to painting it.

Our cleaning methods are determined by the job. We analyze the surface and determine which approach will provide a better adhesion for the final coat. With over 30 years in the painting industry, Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has pinpointed the formulas for durability for a wide range of industrial tanks and surfaces.

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