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Self-Leveling Epoxy Systems

The Most Popular Epoxy Flooring Available

For Industrial Painting clients, Vic’s Painting utilizes Self-Leveling Epoxy Systems for a clean and aesthetic floor finish. This beautiful system smooths itself out naturally, leaving a professional appearance that feels as good as it looks. Our Southwest Florida customers love it!

The Great Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Unlike applications made by a roller or squeegee, our epoxy resin creates a level, smooth coating that is spread evenly across the floor’s surface without producing a gritty or bumpy texture. Plus, they’re perfect for industrial settings. Employees operating forklifts and other heavy machinery on self-leveling epoxy coated floors experience pristine mobility.

These floors are easy to clean, too! With an aesthetic, gloss finish, self-leveling epoxy is perfect for warehouses and industrial buildings as well as commercial and retail spaces.

Why Collier, Lee & Charlotte County Industrial Clients Choose Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction Services

While Self-Leveling Epoxy Systems are excellent flooring solutions, it takes the right surface and an experienced hand to lay it down correctly. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has been in the business for several decades. We’re far from novices when it comes to the services we practice.

We believe one of the most important steps in the flooring process is preparation. We inspect the surface you want to have coated to ensure there are no major cracks or uneven surfaces that will impact the quality of the epoxy flooring. If there are, they need to be filled in prior to coating in order to produce a good smooth finish. We also make sure the floor is clean of any dirt or debris prior to laying down the epoxy.

When this is finished, it’s time to lay down the epoxy coating. How thick the epoxy is applied is an important determining factor of the quality of the end result. The minimum thickness should never be below 2 millimeters or you run the risk of having leveling problems.

Ready to Make Your Floors Shine?

Talk to Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction about our Self-Leveling Epoxy services. Simply give us a call! We’ll be glad to offer you a free quote based on the project scale.