What are Vic’s Painting’s Reconstruction Services?

Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction is more than just a painting company. We also specialize in many different services, including reconstruction. Your interior and exterior decor is made of more than just paint, after all. Stucco, architectural details, drywalls, and carpentry are all elements that require maintenance in order to keep your building’s structural integrity and aesthetics.

Our reconstruction services help restore and repair stucco, slab edges on balconies and lanais, interior drywall, certain carpentry, and many other reconstruction jobs that keep your commercial or residential building structurally sound and looking sharp. Take a look:

Stucco Repair

Many Florida buildings and homes have an exterior coating made of stucco. It holds color and leaves a beautiful texture that appeals to many locals, but it does endure wear and tear. Cracking issues are the most common, and they can vary greatly in size and pattern. Repairing cracks and other forms of stucco damage requires a skilled approach for optimal structural integrity while maintaining your building’s stylish look. Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction provides full commercial and residential stucco repair services for large projects.

Slab Edge Repair

Lanai’s are a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State, and complete mezzanine systems are essential to certain industries. Thankfully, Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction has experience in slab edge repair for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. From condominiums balconies, to lanais and mezzanine systems, we’ll repair the structural integrity of your slabs and ensure a flawless finish.

Interior Drywall Repair

Have drywall damage? Whether you’re looking at a gaping hole or something a little more complicated, Vic’s Painting has the experience and the know-how to get it fixed. Our interior drywall repair service will evaluate the damage and determine the best strategy to repair and repaint in order to make your walls look good as new!


Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction specializes in certain carpentry, such as wood fascia and soffit repair. Fascia boards and soffits are essential parts of your roof’s structure. You want to make sure they maintain their strength and integrity. Since they are exposed to the elements, wood fascia and soffits are vulnerable to rot and other elemental damage. If this has happened to you, call us for a free estimate and we’ll make sure your roof is restored.

EIFS Repair

EIFS leaks are no joke. Water problems can spread and grow worse over time, which is why you should call on Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction when it happens. Our expert team will identify the cause, assess the extent of the damage, and make the necessary repairs.


Waterproofing is a specialty service that involves the installation of both sheet and liquid membranes in order to prevent water damage and preserve the integrity of a building. A crucial step in the building process, you want to make sure it’s done right. Call Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction and we’ll make sure you’re protected.

Architectural Details 

Attention to the little things is what makes architectural details so attractive. Let Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction services renew foam elements and access through our meticulous and experienced assessment and execution.

Concrete Grinding

Eliminate the rough edges and unsightly markings with Vic’s Painting’s Concrete Grinding services for both interior and exterior projects. From driveways to floors, patios, and countertops.

Contact Vic’s Painting for an Estimate and Appointment

If you’re a customer in Lee, Charlotte, or Collier county in need of reconstruction services, give Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction a call. Let us know about your project and we’ll ask all the right questions to determine a quote for our services. Our quotes are free of charge and free of hassle, so don’t be shy. If you’re satisfied with what our services offer (and we truly think you will be), we’ll set up an appointment that is convenient for you and happily get started!