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High-End / Luxury Residential Painting

Why Southwest Florida Chooses Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction for High-End / Luxury Home Painting

When it comes to High-End / Luxury Home Painting, the high quality you expect comes from experience and skillful craftsmanship. Over the last 30 years, Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has mastered both. Located in Fort Myers, our business started in a region rich with a high quality of living and high expectations.

Our professionals approach each home with the mentality that every brush stroke matters. We’ve painted countless luxury homes for families in Collier, Lee, & Charlotte County, Florida. From wallpaper removal, taping and skim coating to custom glazing and exceptional painting, our attention to even the most minute of details helps us produce flawless finishes for our clients—guaranteed.

The Difference Between a Paint Job and a High-End / Luxury Paint Service

There are several different distinctions between a paint job and how professionals go about a high-end paint service. That difference starts with the preparation. Rather than coming in and painting over whatever is presently on the walls, Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction takes time to prepare the surface first, and use quality paints from name brand manufacturers.

The reason for this is so that our clients receive a long-lasting finish, clean of any blips or blemishes. How we prepare depends upon the surface we’re painting on. However, we always take the time to tape off any necessary areas and apply new paint with care.

Each stroke is applied in clean lines with crisp edges for a smooth finish. Simply ask to see our portfolio. We’ll be happy to show you some of our finished works!

Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction Services Can Include Garage Interior and Exterior

Your garage is part of your home. There’s no need for it to look shabby or unfinished. Vic’s Painting can help you touch up or even transform this space into a place you’ll want to spend time in.

In each family, the garage can serve a different purpose. For some, it’s simply a covered area to house your cars. Whatever you use it for, a splash of color and floor coating can make all the difference.

From epoxy floors with a glossy, easy-to-clean finish to durable wall paint with an aesthetic appeal, our work leaves a lasting impression. We also do exterior painting, helping your garage complement the rest of your Southwest Florida home. At the end of our project, you’ll feel the synergy.

Contact Us for a High-End / Luxury Home Paint Service Estimate

Interested in giving your home a new look? Call us! We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate and a time frame for whatever it is you have in mind.