What is Electrostatic Painting?


Electrostatic Painting is a special process in which electrostatic charge is applied to the substrate and the coating via a spray tool. It makes painting more efficient since it attracts the paint to the surface, reducing wasted spray. However, its effectiveness varies depending upon the surface you use it on. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction uses Electrostatic Painting Methods on surfaces that can conduct a positive charge. Metal is typically the best surface for this method of painting. It won’t work on plastic, wood, or fiberglass without adding a preparation coating that will give it this ability.

How Our Southwest Florida Clients Use Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic Painting breathes new life into metal surfaces of all shapes and sizes. It’s ability to gravitate toward the metal’s surface makes painting doors, lanais, lockers, lamps, balconies, gates, furniture, and other metal surfaces a phenomenally easy and clean process.

Even with High Tech Tools, Preparation Matters


We often emphasize the fact that we do our prep work. There’s a reason for that. Even with high tech equipment such as what we use for Electrostatic Painting Jobs, a surface should always be stripped and prepped. This includes sanding, chemical stripping, and pressure cleaning. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction staff is highly trained in the use of electrostatic painting equipment, and how to prepare various surfaces for painting. Why is this important? Not every surface requires the same kind of treatment, and proper application will ensure longevity and durability of your new coat of paint.

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