Industrial Painting for Tanks


Chemical facilities are some of the most difficult to maintain. The very nature of its daily operation produces a harsh environment that requires specific coatings systems designed to withstand its use. That’s why Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction combines high quality materials with the right approach to produce satisfying and durable results.

If you own a petrochemical facility, hydro-chemical plant, or wastewater treatment plant, you need a painting company specially qualified and trained to bring color to your facility. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction specializes in painting bulk storage tanks, including lining, piping, and more.

We understand that you have to adhere to strict regulations. Safety is a top priority in your industry, which is why we take every precaution to maintain the integrity of your environment. Our team aligns our processes and applications to make sure our services remain in compliance of all of the necessary standards, including industry procedures, government regulation, and facility specific protocols.

Special Preparation Catered to Your Needs


Great results always start with great prep work. Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction pays meticulous attention to pressure washing, sandblasting, CO2 blasting, and other preparation methods depending on the type of Tank and its primary use.

We then apply your preferred coating. We offer many different types based on your everyday use, including epoxy, urethane, plural component, fire resistant, and standard architectural coatings. Every chemical has a series of different effects on a tank’s interior, all of which determine which coating is best suited for the job.

Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction utilizes its own scaffoldings and containment equipment as we work, making sure we have safe access and control over the environment for the entire duration of the project.