To Whom It May Concern
I have been asked to provide a reference in the name of Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction and without hesitation, I have willingly obliged. My name is Michael W. Scott. Paint Supervisor for the Lee County School District. Vic’s Painting has been responsible for several school projects, with multi-storied buildings, which include Ida Baker High School: East Lee County High School and Ray V. Pottorf. All of which Vic’s Painting, have completed within budget and on time. With those projects being handled with the utmost professionalism. I’ve decided to do repeat business with Vic’s Painting this Winter Break. and for them to complete 3 more major projects which include: Island Coast High School: Fort Myers High Scholl and G.Weaver Hipps Elementary. I write this reference without any reservations, if any further information is needed, I can be contacted via my cell phone.
Respectfully Submitted.
Michael W. Scott 239-823-4161 – Cell Paint Supervisor


To Whom It May Concern:
I have been asked to provide a letter of reference for Vic ‘s Painting and Reconstruction. They recently completed the joint resealing of the City owned South Parking garage located at the corner of 6th Ave. South and 8th Street. The PO for the project was S100-000 which included a 10% city controlled contingency. Their structure is four stories tall and included work on all floors. Vic ‘s was responsive to the needs of the City and worked with our needs. They completed the project on time and within budget. I would recommend them to others in need of their services.


To Whom It May Concern.
This letter is in reference to Gulfside Condominium, 4005 If Shore Blvd., N. Naples, Florida. Vies Painting & Reconstruction has completed the exterior repainting and related work needed to 15-story condominium.
This project was completed on time and within budget. Its workmanship was excellent. They have worked for us in the past and will continue to be invited to bid on all upcoming projects. I’d recommend Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction to others with is the scope of work. If there is any further information needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.
sincerely, Mary Rapp Manager Gulfside Inc.

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern.
This letter is to recommend the services of Vics Painting and construction. Our project consisted of 24 condominium units. We got bids from 7 companies. When I met Mc Rein to show him our units. he was interested in any SPECS we might have. As we had not created SPECS, he recommended we contact ME paints (Austin Moore) to get a set of specs drawn. We did that and it owed to be very helpful in comparing bids. As we looked at our bids, Vic was the second-lowest bidder but one of the reasons we use Vics Painting is that their company uses electrostatic painting on railings and our railings looked horrible. Others just paint railings but the electrostatic method results in a powder-coated look as they would be from the factory.
We also used ME Paints to give us guidance on colors. We wanted a sacral color, but we found there are hundreds of neutral colors. He brought in their color expert and was able to quickly point out a couple of palettes that would go well with our roof and trim.
The job is now complete and we are pleased. The quality of the work is excellent and our new railings look neat. In addition, we have all our entrance doors stripped as our previous contractor had not used a rimer. Although this was an unexpected up-charge that we or Vic didn’t expect. Vic was very fair in the charge incurred and the upside is that all our doors look like new.
In summary. we think Vils Painting did an excellent job and I would recommend them.

Covington-Treasurer I Harbor Place

Robert Reffler Club House
Maintenance Manager Imperial Golf Club, Inc

Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction
I would like to recommend VIC’S PAINTING AND RECONSTRUCTION to anyone in need of a top-quality painting crew. They excelled in quality work within a time frame that they established upfront. On-time and on a budget was the key to their success. The team player approach made for great results. Their neatness on our painting projects was outstanding. The crew was ready to please, at all times.