Advanced Flooring and Waterproofing systems


The Leading name in flooring and waterproofing systems for SWFL

Vic’s Painting and Reconstruction offers a wide selection of advanced flooring systems to provide you with the durability, protection and aesthetic appeal for any job. From urethane sealers and Self Leveling Epoxy Coating to fire -retardant decking and waterproofing for concrete surfaces, our solutions serve a variety of markets and industries. We work with construction projects with diverse needs including schools, hospital facilities, athletic facilities, commercial buildings, restaurants and aircraft hangars! All our systems are applied following the strict Manufacturer Recommended Application guidelines, making sure these systems comply with building codes, industry standards and ADA requirements.

The Great Advantages of Epoxy Flooring


Our Epoxy Resin creates a level, smooth coating that is spread evenly across the floor’s surface without producing a gritty or bumpy texture. Plus, they’re perfect for industrial settings. Employees operating forklifts and other heavy machinery on Self-Leveling Epoxy Coated Floors experience pristine mobility. These floors are easy to clean, too! With an aesthetic, gloss finish, self-leveling epoxy is perfect for warehouses and industrial buildings as well as commercial and retail spaces.

Ready to Make Your Floors Shine?


Talk to Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction about our Advanced Flooring services. Simply give us a call at 239-694-3131! We’ll be glad to offer you a quote based on the project scale.