Commercial Painting for Property Managers


Giving Your Managed Property an Uplifting Dose of Color

While some say never judge a book by its cover, the value of a managed property is often determined upon a glance by prospective tenants. It pays to look good, which is why painting and maintaining your properties are two things that really matter.

Vic’s Painting & Reconstruction has been providing exceptional painting services to property managers for decades. We work closely with community managers and HOA’s to ensure our work aligns with your standards.

Condominium and HOA Painting Services

  • Minimize the invasiveness and inconvenience of the painting process for residentsRaise any
  • concerns regarding developing problems, such as rot, water damage, and desponding stucco
  • Clear communication to residents regarding what to expect, when, and any access needs whether it’s scheduling a time when the resident is home or acquiring absentee keys
  • Keep a clean, clear work area for minimal inconvenience